Converting Information into Intelligence

Decisions are the heart of any business. It is also the most overlooked and the least understood area of management, yet one of the most critical. Before signing a partnership agreement or applying for tenders and financial aids or funds, you need to have a deep understanding of how organization works, who the key decision makers are, what factors affect the decision-making process.

Once the key leaders and their influencers have been identified, a decision map requires a determination of what will most effectively capture interest, convince, and motivate them to act in a specific way. An analysis of the personal history of key leaders, their preferences and behavior can deliver the persuasive power needed. By plotting behavior of key decision makers we can predict possible actions of the competitors or partners.

FLA Consultants provides decision maps that highlight with clarity and simplicity the relationship between key decision makers, their earlier behavior and their influence in the organization

We also provide maps of competitor’s organization for specific titles, functions, divisions, geographies and product lines, identifying specific department and group leaders. 

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