Converting Information into Intelligence

FLA Consultants – a company with a high level expertise in competitive and technological intelligence. 

FLA Consultants was created in 1977 by François Libmann. The original activity of the company consisted in consulting services in innovation, diversification and technology transfer. Querying databases was at the time only a work tool.

Gradually, FLA Consultants has acquired a real expertise of these tools and in the early 1980s developed its services in strategic information research and databases monitoring, which are still an important part of the company’s activity.

Since the development of Web technologies, we phased in our services the research and monitoring on the Web (blogs, forums, social networks, microblogging, etc).

Today we developed a global offer of services including...

Competitive Intelligence

Technological Intelligence



International business development support.

Moreover, François Libmann has created in 1985 the press company Bases Publications, which publishes two professional letters Bases and Netsources in French language for the information professionals or anyone interested in Internet and Information Search issues. 

A large network of correspondents

Since the information research and the watch are interconnected, FLA Consultants has developed a large network of contacts which enables to perform specific searches in local sources and in local languages.

Our network covers the following countries (not exhaustive list):

China, South Korea, United States, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden.
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