Converting Information into Intelligence

In the area of new and emerging technologies, patent monitoring allows companies and related institutions to focus R&D on specific areas of interest; to be aware of what is happening around the world within their technical field or in a specific sector, and to gain insights into the market plans of various competitors.

You need a watch on patents or brands

  • To follow the evolution of technologies in your business sectors
  • To protect your own inventions by verifying that published patents do not infringe yours
  • To ensure that your own invention is really new
  • To monitor the patents published by known inventors or identified competitors
  • To detect the appearance of certain patents
  • To verify through the press the use of a brand (evidence of use, degeneration level of the brand...)
  • To identify if a word included in a brand, which patent application is on project, has already been used, and in what context
  • To search for existing traces of a brand use before taking an action for forfeiture of this brand

FLA Consultants supports companies with relevant patent searching and monitoring services by saving them time and money.

Our added value: advanced and specific strategies of information research

  • We have access to a large number of patent information services: Questel/Orbit, Dialog, STN, Espacenet, which provide most of the world patents data.
  • We master different query languages for servers that allow us to establish both sophisticated and required strategies.
  • We have developed specific strategies of research in the patent area.
  • In partnership with Intellixir, we can also provide sophisticated analyses of the results.

Some examples of patent watch

  • Monitoring on innovations in the area of school notebooks
  • Patent watch in a specific area of hip replacements
  • Monitoring on patent applications in the area of torpedoes propulsion.

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