Converting Information into Intelligence

The emergence of new products, new technologies, and new competitors can seriously threaten the smooth running of each business. The experience of different industries proved that companies or even whole sectors went into difficulties due to the sudden appearance of a new technology.

That’s why companies must always keep an eye on the latest technologies and products coming into the market to anticipate and take advantage of new opportunities.

In this context, technology watching and competitive intelligence are the main tools for companies to be informed about external threats and opportunities in the field of science and technology and to turn the collected information into knowledge and decision making tool.

Our technology watching process

technological intelligence fla consultants

At the start of technological development project we provide you with...

  • Information about the technologies that are being researched about (published or patented) in your specific field.
  • Technological solutions available: who is the best in that field? What new science publications could inspire your development?
  • Research line and technology trends in the main competitors companies.
  • Research centers, experts who are able to transfer the technology.

During the project we ensure the monitoring of the state-of-the-art and foresee a result exploitation such as...

  • determine if anyone has developed and patented your technology or anything similar.
  • search an industrial market for your technology: license owners, IPC codes for a similar patent.

Our assets: Scientific and Technical Databases

We have access to a wide range of information sources such as Dialog and STN that offer hundreds of databases in the fields of science and technology.

Some examples of technology watching

  • Technologies involved in the production of whisky.
  • Barrier components applied to certain plastics.
  • Technologies for manufacturing fabrics for airbags.

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