Converting Information into Intelligence

Today companies face an ever-changing world of macroeconomic realities, industry trends and are challenged to constantly think their business operating models in order to survive on the market.

Strategic analysis is a part of the Competitive Intelligence Cycle which converts the raw collected information into insights that can be applied in the business.This involves analyzing and interpreting information about competitors, markets and decision makers.

In this difficult economic landscape, FLA Consultants helps you with your business decision-making, giving you a strategic consultancy on your global vision, your SWOT analysis, your targeted strategic elements, market and competitor’s analysis, etc.

FLA Consultants uses many strategic analysis tools and techniques (SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, corner’s analysis…) in order to ensure a methodological and balanced approach.  We also consider that a comprehensive analysis depends more on the analyst’s judgment, which is shaped by experience, knowledge and intellect.

Our added value

Our analysts have an extensive industry knowledge and competitive analysis skills to analyze the competitor's strategies and tactics and their implications for your business. 

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