Converting Information into Intelligence

Companies, whose activities related to technology or research in chemical, energy, telecom, IT sectors or others, constantly need relevant technical/scientific information on their competitors. This information allows them to anticipate the competitors' maneuvers and to adapt their commercial strategy.

FLA Consultants offers a full range of search services designed especially to help companies navigate the complexities associated with the industry or a specific technology field and boost innovation

  • State-of-the-art search designed to give a broad picture, identifying general and background art for a specific technology
  • Inventor and author search allowing to create rapidly a detailed portfolio of works (patent and/or non-patent literature) related to a specific inventor/author
  • Collection search service offering an extensive view of existing patent families across a specific area of technology. It also serves as a reference allowing to understand where to better focus your research and development efforts
  • Other tailored searches as non–patent literature, patent validity, …

Our technology and patent search services can be tailored to your specific areas of focus to give you the latest in patent and/or non-patent literature information.

Our added value

We have access to a large range of servers such as Dialog and STN. They provide hundreds of databases on scientific and technical content. It represents hundreds of millions of references. We also have access to specialized databases not included in scientific information servers.

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