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In the actual global competitive context the European continent remains an economic zone of the highest importance for our firms’ development. This is due to the following main assets: 

  • fast-growing high technologies : biotechnologies, environment, electronics, in particularly in France, Netherlands or Germany
  • a strong intensity of the research and development
  • a skilled labor force
  • a large potential of expertise in the Eastern Europe: Poland, Romania, Hungary…

The experience proves that even the European Union market is considered as unique, every country has its own specificity and thus requires a personalize approach.   

To achieve this, FLA Consultants disposes of 3 main assets

  • a knowledge of major European languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Romanian
  • an access to very diversified information sources in all of Europe, in particularly the access to databases proper to each country
  • a large network of partners that covers Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Serbia).

FLA Consultants’ offer is focused on 3 fundamental aspects for business development support on the mature markets

  • technology watch as a support to the companies’ innovation policy
  • European regulatory watch
  • tender monitoring
  • competitive watch: study of European and international actors positioning in different geographic areas

Europe: a very attractive zone for the world

Being the world’s biggest exporter of goods and services and the first source of foreign direct investments, the European Union occupies a dominant place in the international market. Leading commercial partner of more than 100 countries in the world, the EU is a very open market with high-degree integration into the international economy.

It is a huge manufacturer of automobile (German companies as BMW, Volkswagen…), steel, chemical products (BASF, Rhône-Poulenc), pharmaceutics (Sanofi), rail and aircraft (TGV, Airbus) and consumer goods (Danone). Some core products of European industry as Airbus or Ariane rocket are the result of several countries collaboration. Finally, the EU founds its power on its services present in the whole world: banking (Credit Agricole, BNP Paribas), insurance (AXA), airline companies (Air France, British Airways), luxury goods (France, Italy)… 

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