Converting Information into Intelligence

Everyone knows that there is no real opportunity without risks. This is especially more evident in emerging markets where the compliance frameworks are usually undeveloped and the information is not easily available.

FLA Consultants provides companies with comprehensive due diligence reports and research services so they can better protect their projects (alliances), investments or acquisitions and make crucial business decisions

Our due diligence services focus on the most important parts of your business development process, including Investigative due diligence and analysis for new market entry.

When entering new markets, FLA Consultants provides you with multi sourced information, assessing competitive and regulatory landscape as well as the cultural context that is essential for understanding all the potential risks : 

  • Identifying and evaluating partners
  • Analyzing regulatory and political aspects and the attitude toward outside investment
  • Analyzing decision making process (key influencers)
  • Due diligence services related to M&A and Compliance

FLA Consultants offers due diligence services targeting the key issues of each transaction (acquisition, mergers, etc.) with special emphasis on the background, reputation, compliance and litigation history of companies and individuals involved

  • Evaluating the integrity of individuals (CEO, board of directors)—both personally and professionally
  • Evaluating the quality of relationships with customers and partners
  • Analyzing the quality of reported key financials.

Corporate Compliance Services focused on helping companies remain compliant in the areas of corporate and institutional governance. 

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