Converting Information into Intelligence

Business and International development is rapidly expanding mainly in global multinational companies and conglomerates, but also in innovative SMEs. In fact, companies know that their business development goes through the conquest of international markets.
The attractiveness of the emerging markets or BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and now South Africa), which are new and at the same time challenging, is increasingly high, as these countries generate the world’s strongest growth rates.

The analysis of their potential, the elaboration of the strategy to adopt in order to compete in these markets become more and more complex.

In order to take advantage of such opportunities, the companies need a targeted and very subtle analysis of actors and market evolution. This stage is a part of an effective competitive intelligence process.

FLA Consultants covers the full cycle of competitive intelligence through the expertise of its consultants: from collecting information on complex emerging markets to its analysis and distribution

Our offer on the emerging markets

Market research

  • Identification of customers, distribution agents and business partners
  • Preparation of exhibitions: identification of right contacts and prospects to target
  • Research of suppliers
  • Selection of suppliers according to your specifications
  • Real-time monitoring on your suppliers and alerts on risks, including financial one

Competitive and marketing monitoring

  • Analysis of your competitors, strategic moves, position and market shares
  • Regulatory Watch
  • Overview and watch on the standards and regulations in your industries and trends that may affect the development of your products in the market

Tender tracking

  • Public tenders monitoring in your sector and quick respond to available opportunities
  • Technology and patent watch
  • State of the art and watch of technology developments in your sector
  • Prior–art patent search (identifying if a patent was earlier disclosed)

Online-reputation and risk management

  • Identification and management of image and corporate risks through social media and online monitoring
  • Picking up and analysis of ‘weak signals’ enable to anticipate a trend, or even an attempt of destabilization

Operational support in the context of mergers and acquisitions and due diligence

  • Detection of any criticism or rumor about the governance and ethics of the targeted company and related persons
  • Identification and analysis of reputational risk of a target: verification of any suspicion on business, current contracts or awarded ones in France and abroad.

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