Converting Information into Intelligence

Companies need always to be on top of rapidly changing market trends and dynamics in order to remain relevant to customers’ demand. Our research and data analysis expertise help companies to better understand their existing markets, to explore new emerging markets and to design a strong content market strategy.

We use a synergistic blend of primary and secondary research and comprehensive analysis in order to help companies achieve their strategic objectives

  • For extensive secondary research on most projects, we use proprietary and publically-available databases (related to different sectors and geographic areas), competitor literature and websites, trade shows, industry statistics (production, import/export, and financials). 
  • FLA Consultants has developed an important international network allowing to conduct the primary research in the most accurate way specific to targeted market or product.

Our market research services help companies in their main strategic initiatives such as:

  • Entering new markets and Geographies/assess market opportunities
  • Launch new products and enhance competitiveness      
  • Make acquisitions and strategic investments
  • Consumer profiling and need analysis

We work closely with our clients to understand their key issues and the solutions that they are looking for. This helps us to choose the appropriate tools and methodologies that should be applied for their specific research needs.

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