Converting Information into Intelligence

We should never underestimate the power of the media. Online and print media are a powerful tool aimed at marketing your business in an efficient way and getting your message broadcast to prospective clients and investors. However, in a globalized world it could also be a challenge. It still holds an important position amongst the factors shaping public opinion.

That’s why media monitoring is a vital tool to track what the media are saying about your company, your industry, your clients, your competitors and their stakeholders. It allows you to act in real time to protect and to develop your business.

What we propose

News monitoring

We deliver an overview of the topics of interest and news of most interest to you in a format that best suits you. We also offer a statistical and analytical report of the topics that will help you to better anticipate potential risks or possible business opportunities and get qualitative documentation for your strategic decision-making.

Market and business monitoring

The goal of this service is to increase the information and decision-making potential of our clients and to offer an overview of the targeted sectors or businesses.

Tracking of company’s image

Allows you to track the image of your own company and monitor the activities of competitors or partners. The media analysis show you how the company is presented in the media and highlights facts that negatively affect or improve its media image. You can also have an overview of the media and journalists that are most interested in your company or institution, the persons who most often represent a company and the experts who comment on the company or its products.

Media image of individuals

Organizations and companies use this service to determine what is being said – positive or negative – about a personality (CEO, politicians, decision-makers, …) or what their image and media presence are in France and worldwide. We can also provide you with a quantitative report measuring the major media visibility of the targeted individual.

 Our services and deliverables can be customized completely according to
client specifications.

Some of our assets

  • Tens of thousands of newspapers in France and worldwide (national press, local, professional or specialized press).
  • Paid Web (sources which are not available in databases but on paying access such as professional journals or some specialized websites)
  • Social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ...

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