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You can address your enquiry par e-mail or just give us a call. We will discuss in more detail about your question and offer you a free quotation.

Once you accept the quotation, we will proceed with your order.

All the discussion with our foreign clients is made through different means of communication (phone, e-mail, skype, etc). All our final deliverables are sent in a personalized format defined with the client.

Our team is very reactive to our clients’ enquiries. Feel free to contact us.

Our competitive intelligence services are aimed at big companies, conglomerates, investment banks, joint-ventures as well as innovative SMEs.

All the information we provide to our clients is confidential. We never reveal our clients’ names.

We start with secondary research in order to explore all data that already exists and that may be of value. We have access to the most comprehensive range of information resources. This includes the entire spectrum of news, legal, market and business information.

We stress on primary research in order to validate secondary research findings. We consider that human intelligence is at the core of CI process. Highly confidential interviews with individuals targeted for their knowledge/experience about a specific topic and professional network are conducted.

In our analysis process, we focus on the highest level of quality control and validation of research findings. 

The language factor is very important for us. The collection of local data and its analysis in the original language is essential to obtain relevant result.

We have access to data sources in various languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Ukrainian.

For international development support, we work in English, Russian, Italian, Romanian and Moldavian languages. 

Yet for any required expertise we work with our local partners.

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