Converting Information into Intelligence

In today's competitive business environment a high quality industry research plays a significant role in business forecasting and planning. A targeted, well-researched intelligence enables companies to view what is happening in their industries, who the key actors and their market shares are, and the main technologies and processes that they should know about.

Every industry has its own characteristics and challenges. Considering that FLA Consultants assists companies for over 30 years with business development strategy and provides them with a range of business and industry information, it has developed a considerable domain knowledge in a variety of sectors and industries.

Our industry research services are aimed to answer to your specific questions about an industry in a specific geographic area.

Our industry research requires the analysis of hundreds of sources and enables to create insightful and easy-to-digest industry overview.

The following items and many other can be treated:

  • Current state of the industry
  • Summary of the significant issues facing the industry
  • Key actors mapping and their influence
  • Performance information : business performance statistics, market size, market share and market growth information…

Some of our references

Pharmaceutical, Testing, Inspection and Certification, Energy (all types of energy, including nuclear),…

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